From BLESSEDselling Author to New York Times Bestselling Author

 Hello to all my “New Day Divas” fans.  The five book “New Day Divas” series has been coined the soap opera in print. It is you who are going to allow me to some day uphold the title of New York Times Bestselling Author.  So, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather share this journey toward such a prestigious title with than you.  So, it’s official.  Today, August 20th, just a week and one day after my 39th b-day, is day one of my journey toward becoming a New York Times bestselling author. But as always, for now I don’t mind just bearing the title of BLESSEDselling author-for now…

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The Soap Opera In Print

Hello to all my New Day Divas fans! It’s official; today is day one, the begining of my journey to becoming a New York Times Bestselling author with my New Day Divas Series, coined “the soap opera in print.”  God promised me that He was going to do this for me.  Well, actually, He promised me my heart’s desire.  Becoming a New York Times Bestselling author with my “New Day Divas” series is my heart’s desire.  But I’m no fool.  While I wait on God, I’m going to work.  So speaking of work, I have to go now and figure out how to link this blog to my author central page on  Until next time…

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